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Shenzhen Yi Tengdi New Energy Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yi Teng Di New Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, located in Bao'an District Fuyong streets Funing Hi-tech Park, is a commitment to the fuel cell power generation system and its core components of R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, Home universities, scientific research units to cooperate with the R & D units to complement each other to promote the academic results of the market, and strive to hydrogen energy applied to various fields, so that the human into the ultimate environmental hydrogen energy era.
The company early to small car methanol hydrogen high temperature fuel cell stack technology as the core, the world's first methanol water mobile hydrogen fuel cell pure electric bus charging solution, the initial pure electric bus, bus as a breakthrough, to promote. Vehicles equipped with the company's fuel cell power generation system, the vehicle can drive the process of charging the car battery, car battery capacity can be reduced by two-thirds, the initial installation price can be reduced by one-third, life mileage greatly increased, do not build charging stations and Hydrogen station, the use of the original gas station resources can be added within 3 minutes of fuel, do not waste the city limited land resources, the real solution to the current electric vehicle charging time is long, the number of charging pile, charging pile construction period is long, wide design level All kinds of trouble. Methanol hydrogen fuel cell system for the clean power generation system, no internal combustion engine PM2.5 emissions, no maintenance needs, the use of low cost, these advantages will quickly promote the development of the industry, the real solution to the electric car charging problem, from the diesel locomotive The rapid change to electric cars.
At this stage, the company in the development of methanol hydrogen fuel cell technology, based on the beginning of research and development of room temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell system and its core components - gas humidifier. At present, the room temperature fuel cell system has entered the test verification stage, the next stage can be pushed wide.
I fuel cell gas humidifier using advanced concepts, after repeated testing, the successful development of the country's first gas humidifier, humidification effect reached the international advanced level, and successfully reduce the cost of humidifier, effectively promote the fuel cell market.
Companies focus on innovation, simultaneous research and development at home and abroad, in the field of reforming hydrogen fuel cell has two US patents, more than 40 Chinese patents.

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